Digital services of a new generation

We developed Intellinec as an extension of the team's many years of experience in design, software development, photography and the pursuit of the perfect product.

Every website and brand that works with us is developed by a whole team including a designer, editor, lawyer and professional photographer. Because technology is important, but even more important is the content and vision, they are what will attract the user to your website or app.

We offer you a free consultation so that we can achieve synergy and a high result, within the budget.

What else can we do?

Implementing Microsoft Power BI
We will be your partner in the implementation of systems for reports and monitoring of key indicators in the field of your business.
E-learning systems
You can trust us to implement e-learning systems like Moodle and others according to your needs.
Mobile apps development
The accessibility of your services and products through the mobile digital world is not just a need, but a necessity.
GDPR transformation
Every site and internal system in a company must meet the requirements for protecting personal data. We can help your business meet these requirements not only procedurally, but also functionally.
Optimizing your website
A successful website requires high performance and security to ensure the best user experience.

Why do the customers
choose us?


Unique team

We have a photographer, editor and lawyer available in each team.



Innovations drive tomorrow's business, if you choose to trust us we will offer you an innovative and working solution for your business.


Always next to you

We create a product that will increase your efficiency, but we can also maintain it after that.



We only use proven technologies so that you are independent of us as a supplier

The projects, we
were trusted with


Our blog

In our blog you will find a lot of useful information about the digital transformation of your business and we will help you make an informed decision about what would be useful for you.