Sveta Bogoroditsa Hospital

“St. Bogoroditsa” Hospital is a place for recreation and rehabilitation. They had a rather outdated website that needed a complete redesign and a bit more tidiness to make it easy for the user to navigate.

Therefore, we tried to make a beautiful and functional design, so that all the necessary information can be easily found by their customers.


Sveta Bogoroditsa Hospital






Building the Internet
website of the “St. Bogoroditsa” Hospital

The website, in addition to showing the facilities that can be found in the recreation and rehabilitation site, also shows all the possibilities for stays and all the necessary documents

When creating the design of this website, we knew that we could not stick to the minimalism we love so much in the text, because there is important information about the user that needs to be present on the site.

We tried our best to present it comfortably and look good graphically. To be easy to find and to be able to easily orient the user where to read what specifically interests him.


WordPress, CSS3, PHP, jQuery


Intellinec Design Studio