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Camp Gardenia

Camping Gardenia is one of the nicest campsites on our Black Sea coast and it really deserved a very beautiful and functional website with an addition – a working reservation system that would be convenient for both the customers and the employees of the campsite.


Camp Gardenia






Building an Internet
website and reservation system

The website presents all types of accommodation at the campsite, as well as the many amenities and additional services they offer

This is one of our favorite designs we’ve done, which is the result of an awful lot of hard work. Every detail has been refined, and we have tried to have a beautiful design, which, however, provides briefly, but comprehensively, all the information that the customers of the campsite would need.

The reservation system we implemented is easy to use. offers all the convenient functionalities that such a system should have.

In addition to the website, professional photos and video are the work of our team.


WordPress, CSS3, PHP, jQuery


Intellinec Design Studio