House2Home is one of the largest electronic stores for heating equipment, built-in appliances and smart solutions for the home.

Our main task was to implement a new e-store that meets all modern requirements, is extremely user-friendly and highly functional, so that it does not lack anything that is offered by the big stores in the e-commerce industry.




Electronic e-shop




E-shop development

We have created an electronic store for which there are no borders

The main idea when working on the store was to create in users a feeling of a functional and easy-to-use site, with a modern and unobtrusive design. At the same time, the customer wanted trouble-free functionality and security for the future.

We built the site on the CloudCart platform, which is one of the most reliable systems in the world for e-commerce, which has ready-made integrations with popular payment systems, including in Bulgaria, with all major courier companies in Bulgaria and integration with almost everything you can think of. We took care of the store settings, integration with other client sites, design and creation, creation of individual pages, GDPR content and transfer of products from the client’s old system.


CloudCart, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, XML


Intellinec Design Studio

Speed ​​and functionalities are most important for the e-shop

From simple functionality to the assurance that your business will be online at all times

Through CloudCart, we have provided our customers with the certainty that any change in dozens of integrations with google, facebook, Econt, myPOS and a number of other service providers will always be up-to-date and their store will be updated without even noticing. This is exactly what we achieve in every project we do with our CloudCart partners. In this case, the client’s main problem was the untimely renewal of the various modules that used the old platform, as they were provided by different providers. In this case, this problem has been solved by providing a number of other functionalities that have been difficult to implement until now.