Tough and fitt

Tought and fitt is a fitness platform for creating individual training programs and diets. The site is purely presentational, with the aim of contacting the guys who make the programs, after which customers receive their programs by email.

In addition to a website, we also developed PDF templates for the client for the programs they will offer.



Tough and fitt






Building the Internet
Tough and fitt site

The website is purely presentational about the guys, their mission and the service they offer

The clients trusted us with the design, we provided two options from which they chose one. We built the website quickly, putting all the important information about their service so that it is easy for their customers to understand.

This type of website is very easy and fast to build as long as we have all the information provided as there are no complicated modules to set up. It has simply beautiful design and functionality and properly arranged information to quickly orient the customer.


WordPress, CSS3, PHP, jQuery


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