Generix Gas

Generix Gas are a leading company in Bulgaria for the construction of heating systems. They started working in 2018, but are already market leaders. Their blog quickly reached record hits in user interest.

We carried out this project of ours in stages, initially creating the main part of the website with the homepage and the main services. We then expanded with product pages, individual heating appliance pages, a blog as well as a portfolio page where we regularly upload new of their completed projects.


Generix Gas


Heating and air conditioning




Website development

We have created this informative website in order to describe in detail what services the company offers.

Initially, the project was ready within two weeks and the site was launched, but then we continued to work on the rest of the product pages, the blog and the portfolio for months. We still maintain the website and often have to build additional sections as the company expands and adds new products and services.

The site is on the first page of Google searches for the keywords “gasification”, “natural gas” and “heating”.

Сайтът е на първа страница по търсене в Google с ключови думи “газификация”, “природен газ” и “отопление”.


WordPress, CSS3, PHP, jQuery


Intellinec Design Studio

Product photography

An interactive website and useful information a click away.

In our years of working together, we have developed the company’s website with the aim of creating a unique internet space where every user looking for useful information on heating and gasification can find it on the Generix Gas website. In the blog, you get detailed technical information related to the most modern solutions in heating and gasification, and you can also find articles, up-to-date analyzes of the most profitable heating options fully in line with market prices.

The information on the site is constantly updated by us, and every month we professionally photograph two of their objects and make them into portfolio articles.

Building an energy calculator

We have also created a one-of-a-kind online calculator.

With its help, you can roughly calculate how much the monthly bill will be with different types of heating, based on current prices, taking into account the type of home, the heated area and the average height of the rooms.

It calculates, in addition to the monthly or annual heating cost, the amount of fuel that will be used, how many emissions it will create, what the cost will be with a weekly programmer and what it will be with underfloor heating.