Generix Home

Generix Partners, one of our biggest clients, who trusted us for the development of all the company’s websites.

Generix Home is a company engaged in interior design, manufacturing, delivery and installation of custom furniture. Our main task in creating this website was to present the entire range of the company’s services and create useful content in the form of posts that would facilitate users in choosing the most correct solution in furniture.


Generix Home


Custom furniture




Website development

We have created a website that combines useful content from texts and photographs.
The main idea when working on the site was to create in users a feeling of a different furniture company, which, in addition to beautiful and practical furniture, can offer competent consultation and help you make the most correct choice according to the room and your needs.

The site presents every stage of the work – from the consultation to the final product. We have described every step of the process so that the customer clearly knows what to expect by trusting Generix Home to make the furniture.


WordPress, CSS3, PHP, jQuery


Intellinec Design Studio

Актуално съдържание в блога и продуктова фотография

Страницата на Generix Home се поддържа от нас, цялото съдържание в блога и продуктовата фотография са постоянно обновявани от нас. Основна цел е да представим на клиентите на компанията изпълнените проектите и нови тенденции в обзавеждането. Статиите в блога са предназначени за потребителите, които могат да почерпят вдъхновение от опитни професионалисти. Секцията с изпълнението от Generix Home проекти представя прецизната работа в изпълнението на поръчката и монтажите, придружена с продуктова фотография направена от нас.