Xzona Sport

XZona Sport is the first Xbody studio designed exclusively for women. The hall opened its doors in 2022.

The XZona Sport team entrusted us with the creation of their website, which would reflect the real atmosphere in the hall. In addition to the overall development of their website, we also took care of a professional photo shoot and video recording of the gym and of several real training sessions.


X-Zona Sport


Sport and fitness





Website development

A modern and simple website that summarizes what Xbody training is all about. The colors and design of the site reflect the actual appearance of the hall.

The project was developed within 2 weeks, and in addition to the development of the site, we carried out photo and video recording of both the hall and active training sessions.

We kept every detail of the site with real photos and video so that the studio’s clients could get a real sense of what awaits them on site. The designer offered several options, and the client settled on a combination of several elements from the three options. The editor in the team suggested and added content for the pages, as well as an appropriate structure.



WordPress, CSS3, PHP, jQuery


Intellinec Design Studio

Product photography

From conceptual design to the last detail in the finished website:

Throughout the entire work process, the customer’s wishes and our task to turn them into a successful product were the leading factors.

Every detail in the design is consistent with the colors of the studio and the hall’s motto – “From women for women”. We familiarized ourselves with the service and created useful content on the site, easily accessible and understandable by any user, and the photo material presents a real workout with XBody in the gym. In this way, the site gives all the necessary information about XBody without the need for additional search on the Internet.