Stefan Photography

Being a photographer is an art. And the easiest way for people to find you is online. That’s why it’s extremely important that the site is fast and that the photos that customers will be viewing load quickly.

We did the optimization of this website, we worked on the speed of the site, achieving over 180% increase in speed. In addition, we increased security and optimized the operation of all modules.









Optimization of speed and security

Activities have been carried out to optimize the loading speed and operation of the site:

Very good results have been achieved. The site currently has parameters that are completely normal and satisfactory for the volume of expected visits for this type of site. Fixed issues and increased speed. We discussed with the client that for the moment the page does not need additional optimizations and there is no need to switch to a higher hosting plan for the moment.

All the activities performed are automated so that any added algorithm is automatically executed on the addition and editing of new content in order to preserve the achieved higher site speed scores.


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