A little more about us and our values.


Who are we?

We created Intellinec, driven by the idea of offering something different, modern and technological. And guided by this idea, we confirmed that the team and the people are the most important in any endeavor.


Our team includes an IT manager, talented photographers, top designers, editors and lawyers. In this way, we manage to refine every single aspect in the pursuit of the perfect product.

Intelinek is one of the most advanced digital agencies with clients all over the world. Over time, we took the best of our team’s experience and created a system that worked efficiently.

We have several teams that specialize in creating websites, e-shops, implementing business intelligence solutions for reporting. We developed a unique product of its kind for optimization of business processes in companies, which we called “Digital Laboratory”.

We leave an individual mark on each project, which distinguishes us from other companies.

The team is extremely important


Our designers will produce at least two initial designs for you to choose from


Every functionality, graphic effect and behavior of the site is the work of our programmer



Legal adviser



Our values


We don’t want to work for you, we want to work with you. Consider us an extension of your team.


When you want to move forward, standing still is not an option. Let us guide you on your way to new opportunities!

We love our work

The best results come from people who love what they do. We always give more of ourselves in each of our projects!


Innovation drives tomorrow’s business, so we’re regularly informed about the next best thing in our field.

The numbers speak for themselves

the client trusted us


customers choose us for support

innovative ideas


projects completed on time