Who we are?

We created Itellinec, driven by the idea of ​​offering something different, modern and technological. And guided by this idea, we confirmed that the team and the people are the most important in any endeavor.

Our team includes IT managers in large companies, talented photographers, top designers, editors and lawyers. So that we cover all the activities that are needed in a real product that represents or creates your brand.

Intelinek is one of the most advanced digital agencies today with clients all over the world. Over time, we took the best of the experience of the company's team and created an efficiently working system.

Our several teams are specialized in the creation of websites, e-shops, implementation of business intelligence solutions for reporting. We developed a unique product of its kind for optimization of business processes in companies, which we called "Digital Laboratory".

We are not one of many companies, because we're leaving an individual imprint on all our projects.


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We have the expert that you need

What distinguishes us is not only the long experience. In every team, we include specialists from all fields so that every aspect of your product is perfected. We can create the perfect design, but without photos and content, it won't deliver the results you expect.

You can't do without a designer. It is mandatory for a website and e-shop, but isn't it also important how the reports look, on the basis of which you make decisions every day?
We have PHP, Java and Python programmers, but depending on the needs of the project, we can bring additional experts to the project.
Our clients are always surprised that at the very first meeting, we talk about what we can shoot. For us, the authenticity of your website or store, which is the face in front of the customer, is of great importance.
You can have the perfect design and the most amazing photos, but if the text doesn't speak, no one will hear you.
A lawyer is never superfluous. But when we mainly make products that are public, the data protection policies, the terms and conditions, the photos you use, even the advertising you do must comply with legal requirements. And we want our customers to be calm.
System administrator
With hosting or without hosting, from attack to attack, but someone always has to take care of the selection of the right hosting services and servers, for your backup, security and system setup.
Project manager
That is the person who communicates with you and coordinates the work of each team to achieve a perfect result.

Why do the clients

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Unique team

The best results come from people who love what they do.



Innovations drive tomorrow's business, trust us and we will offer you an innovative and working solution for your business.


Always with you

We don't want to work for you, we want to work with you. Consider us an extension of your team.



When you want to move forward, standing still is not an option. Let us help you on your way to new opportunities.