Wordpress website development

We build small to large projects using the most advanced and modern website development platform Wordpress. We also make changes to existing sites. Our experienced programmers can handle any site, if you need to change an existing site to another platform we are ready to help you.

Creating a new site and making changes to an existing one doesn't have to be an expensive process. We have optimized the creation process so that you get the desired result in extremely short terms and get content and vision that will make you proud in front of your clients and partners.

New website

We can build your new Wordpress website and have your site up and running in just a few days

Redesign of your current website

If your current site needs a refresh, redesign and makeover, our team will help.

Speed and security

If you are not satisfied with the speed of your site and its security, we will improve them.

Monthly support

The support is your insurance that you will always have an available, secure and fast site and in case of a problem you will have someone to turn to.


Why Wordpress

We develop most sites on the Wordpress platform, because it is the most developed system in the world, with thousands of possibilities for functionality and integration.

Using Wordpress allows the development of a website in a much shorter time and with much less effort, which directly affects the final price. At the same time, the system gives you independence - it is optimized for SEO, the level of security is constantly maintained and it is extremely easy to use by end users.


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Basic parameters of the website

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Our work process

Free consultation
Our first meeting is very important. On it, we discuss the client's requirements and wishes. We define the ultimate goals.
Preparation of a budget
You receive a detailed offer with design options, included functionalities and recommendations. Already at this stage, you will be able to imagine your site.
Signing a contract
We start working after signing a contract with clear commitments.
Choice of design
We develop possible visions for your website and together we finalize your site design.
Content preparation
We determine the final structure of the site, and our editors will make sure that every word and every text is accurate, attractive and in its right place.
Legal framework
With our lawyers, the functionalities are determined and the personal data protection policies of the site are written, fully tailored to the requirements of your business.
Site development and setup
Our business analysts and programmers create the entire site.
Testing and launching
The final phase is testing, acceptance of the development and the official launch of the website.

The team is
the most important part

You can have the perfect design, but without the right content, legal framework and real photographs of your product, you have nothing.

New website development

Building a website can be a long and time-consuming process. We've streamlined the process by primarily using the Wordpress platform and focusing on the design and additional functionality you'll need. This makes the price of the site lower, while at the same time you get a service of the highest level.

Our advantage that in the team we always have the opportunity to use our professional photographer to use your real photos. We also have an editor and a lawyer on each team, so you have unique content to attract your customers and get a better result on Google.


Redesign of your current website

Redesigning an existing site is most often required because it is outdated and doesn't look good on mobile, and nowadays over 70% of users who would visit your site will do so via a mobile device. Of course, sometimes you just need to refresh the way your site looks or you've rebranded your company.

Over 30% of our current clients are businesses with websites that want a redesign. It can be partial, that is, we can use the current design and "reprogram" it so that it looks good on a mobile device, or we can develop a completely new design. In most cases, this service is cheaper than doing a completely new site.


Increasing the speed and security of the site

The most common problem that prevents more than 50% of visitors to your site from continuing to read is the speed at which it works. In addition, the low speed of the site is also important for the ranking of the page in search engines such as Google.

The low speed of a website can be due to dozens of reasons - outdated software, low-performance modules, an unsuitable server or hosting service that does not match the number of pages, security holes and a number of other factors. These things can only be determined by expert analysis.

We offer as a separate service the selection of your site's speed and security by performing a short free analysis and giving you information on what can be done and what budget will be required. If your site is on Wordpress in most cases, the prevention we will recommend does not exceed the amount of BGN 500.


Our blog

In our blog you will find a lot of useful information about the digital transformation of your business and we will help you make an informed decision about what would be useful for you.