Online shop

Creating an online store or moving your current store to the most innovative Claudcart platform


Creating an online store

We can build your new online store or transfer your old store to the most innovative CloudCart platform

Next generation integration

CloudCart offers integration with over 4000 platforms, the most popular Bulgarian courier companies and payment methods

World class support

You no longer need to worry about the integrations and operation of your store with external companies. You focus on your business.

Why CloudCart

You focus on selling, and we and CloudCart do our work.

Using CloudCart allows the development of an online store in a few days and with much less effort, which directly affects the final price. At the same time, the system has the functionalities of all the most popular stores in the world, integration with almost all Bulgarian service providers, amazing marketing tools and dozens of other functionalities.

customers use CloudCart

Millions of unique users

Our process

Free consultation

Our first meeting is very important. On it, we discuss the client’s requirements and wishes. We define the ultimate goals. We’re showing you working stores we’ve built.

Prepare a budget and plan

We collect your requirements and determine the price. It consists of 2 elements. A one-time payment to implement the store and an annual fee for its use, with each of our customers receiving a 20% discount on the annual fee for the first year.

Signing a contract

The start of work begins after signing a contract with clear commitments.

Choice of design

We develop possible visions for your website and together we finalize your site design.

Content preparation

We determine the final structure of the store, and our editors will make sure that every word and every text is accurate, attractive and in its right place.

Upload your products

Completing your catalog of products together with your employees to train you to work with the system. If you have an old store, it is also possible for us to do an automated transfer of the products.

Legal framework

With our lawyers, the functionalities are determined and the personal data protection policies of the site are written, fully tailored to the requirements of your business.

Testing and Launching

The final phase is testing, development acceptance and the official launch of the store.

Integration and next-generation applications

With over 4,000 applications and integrations with external systems, you get everything you need without writing code and spending on programmers.

A price like no other

With the price you pay monthly, you guarantee yourself an always working business, without having to deal with any kind of maintenance and solving technical problems that have arisen. The system is maintained in real time by CloudCart without you even knowing.


39 EUR / monthly

Suitable for a start-up business

If you don’t want to pay large amounts at once, monthly plans give you flexibility.


33 EUR / monthly

You save 78 EUR

For each of our customers, we provide an additional 20% discount from the stated price, for the first year.


29 EUR / monthly

You save 234 EUR

For each of our customers, we provide an additional 20% discount from the stated price, for the first year.

Frequently asked question

What is CloudCart?

Open SaaS e-commerce platform with multiple marketing tools and out-of-the-box integrations for more sales.

What is the cost to implement and use?

You initially pay a one-off implementation fee based on the services we need to perform for you, and we give you an up-front quote. After the implementation of the store, you pay a monthly fee according to the plan you have chosen. We will recommend a suitable plan in your case.

Do I need hosting?

No. Everything is included in the price. In reality, you get a 24/7 system and focus on your business, and the annual costs are on average the price of a hosting plan or slightly higher.

What does support include?

CloudCart provides you with hosting, system update so that it is always secure, integrated over 4000 applications and external systems. You don’t even realize that something has changed. At the same time, your data is completely protected and you only focus on your business. You also have a support channel provided, so that when you need help, there is always someone to answer you.

Can I transfer everything from my current store?

Yes. CloudCart provides easy import tools. Contact us and we will give you a free consultation and estimate what needs to be done.

How will I accept payments from customers?

CloudCart offers a wide range of payment methods that will allow you to receive payments from your customers. For Bulgaria you can use: Cash on delivery, Bank transfer, ePay, Virtual POS, PayPal, TBI, BNP and UniCredit Consumer, myPOS.

How do I create bills of lading for sending shipments?

Automatic – CloudCart has built-in integrations with all major courier companies in Bulgaria (Econt, Speedy, Rapido and DHL), which allow you to automatically generate your waybill with just 1 click from the store’s control panel.

Can I use my current domain?

YES – we will make the necessary settings once the store is ready to go online.

Can I use any discount?

Yes. If you choose to pay for the 1-year or 2-year plans, you get additional discounts. As a bonus, we provide an additional 20% discount for our customers, on top of the discounts provided by CloudCart.