When the speed and security of your website is at risk – we are here


Every website we optimize is:


Optimized for SEO

Protected from hacker attacks

No errors in the program code

Attractive to new customers

Adapted to all legal norms

Free analysis of your website

We will analyze your website completely free of charge and send you recommendations for improvement, as well as a quote if you choose to do it for us.

Our proccess

Free analysis

We perform a free analysis, through automated tools, of your site, including Google tools and provide a list of issues and tips to resolve them.

Preparing an offer

You receive a detailed offer with design options, included functionalities and recommendations. Already at this stage, you will be able to imagine your site.

Signing a contract

77 / 5 000

Резултати за превод

Резултат за превод

The start of work begins after signing a contract with clear commitments.

Website optimization

We determine the final structure of the site, and our editors will make sure that every word and every text is accurate, attractive and in its right place.

Legal framework

With our lawyers, the functionalities are determined and the personal data protection policies of the site are written, fully tailored to the requirements of your business.

Prepare post-optimization analysis

The final phase is testing, acceptance of the development and the official launch of the website.

Upload changes

The final phase is testing, development acceptance and officially uploading the changes to your old site.

After optimization, your website will have a much higher score according to Google’s Page Speed Insight and GTmetrix tool

PageSpeed Insight is an online tool from Google that evaluates the speed, design, code and SEO optimization of sites. GT Metrix is a similar independent tool. You can also check your site at: and