You need a website! Facebook and Instagram are not enough!

Are you asking yourself, “Why do I need a website when I can use Facebook and Instagram to promote my business?”

With social media, you can reach a large audience without much effort if you sell something unique or have a large network built up. The tools are already built, you fill in your information and send it to people. But is this really the best option for you?

When people say, “I don’t need a website because I have a Facebook page,” we can say, “You don’t have a Facebook page. Facebook has a page with your name on it.

Own your own destiny and don’t be controlled by a social site.

Nearly 40% of people who use the Internet have no social networks at all, and 10% of those who do do not actively use them, which potentially means that you cannot win them over as customers. And these are people in all age groups.

81% of people research a business or service online before making a purchase decision.

It is common for businesses to rely on Facebook or other social media platforms as their primary advertising channel. And these channels offer benefits.

For example, they help build a larger audience and even help you conduct market research.

As a small business owner, you need to be aware of where you are spending your marketing budget.

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Many business owners ask, “Since I have a small business with few employees and we don’t sell anything online, do I need a website?” Learn more in our article “Every Business Needs a Website! Why?”

However, a Facebook page should not replace your business website. Here are some reasons why:

You own your website

When you have a website, you have full ownership of it. You decide what to put on your website, how you want it to be displayed, what your terms of service are, and the type of interactions you want to have with your customers. On social media platforms, you are essentially renting space on their platform. You are limited by their layout, their terms of service and their features in how you present your business. What happens when these social media platforms decline in popularity, like what happened with MySpace? Or if one of their automated systems decides you’re not following some terms and they block your account?

When you’ve built your own website, no one can take it away from you. You own it.


Facebook has SEO restrictions

Think about it. Where do you go when you’re looking for a local business? Facebook or Google? The 3.5 billion daily queries on Google show that most people turn to search engines to find information. Something more. Almost every business gets over 10x more customers from Google compared to social networks.

A business website allows you to position yourself so that people can find you when they make search queries about the products you sell or the services you provide. Even if you can easily compete with larger websites, you can optimize your site for local searches to attract an audience in your area.

A website is more reliable

A business website is a sign of trust and people only buy from businesses they know, like and trust. So while it may be faster to create a Facebook page, you will be able to gain more authority and credibility with a business website.

Your website is the center of your online presence. Think of your website as your main office. Your social media platforms and email campaigns are little digital offices or even a space in someone else’s business. Social media platforms are the channels that drive customers back to your website, which is your main hub.

Attention is fleeting on Facebook

Facebook is a huge competition. Listing your business on Facebook means you’re constantly fighting off competition from several other companies.

Many people find ads annoying, especially when they want to communicate with friends, causing them to ignore your business posts or ads.

On the other hand, a business website ensures that you have a potential customer’s full attention.

Now, we’re not saying you shouldn’t have a Facebook page for your business. But instead, your Facebook page and other social media should support your website, not replace it.

Website Analytics

There is an opportunity to do detailed analysis on your website, you can be given a wealth of information about your customers, the pages they visit, how long they spend, which page they go to, where they are and much more. Facebook shows you how many people like your page or post.c

Can a Facebook page replace a website?

No, but they can work together as an online marketing tool to help increase your customer reach.

Having a website boosts your credibility, increases your visibility and improves lead generation. This is your property; therefore, you have absolute freedom on how you want it to look and what you want to advertise. This is an excellent place to highlight positive reviews and answer any questions potential customers may have about your business.


We can create for you a beautiful and modern website that contains everything you need for your business, at an unexpected price, and at the same time in a few days.