Shtori Online

The Shtori Online store was a really wonderful challenge for us.

We worked with a special module and wrote a lot of code to implement the automatic price calculation, taking the values ​​from a table and adding additional prices of the blinds extras to calculate the final price of the product.


Shtori Online






Building the 
online store of Shtori Online

Colorful and beautiful design to attract attention and very good functionality

The client needed to make it so that the price of the products was formed for him based on a table in which the price is obtained by width and length. In addition, there are additional extras for each product that also change the price.

Setting up the module took hours of creating formulas, writing code and setting up various functionalities, but the end result is really very satisfying.

The client has a working and functional website from which any of their customers can easily and quickly order blinds from the comfort of their own home.


WordPress, CSS3, PHP, jQuery


Intellinec Design Studio